Modular Homes

What is a Modular Home?

Quite often, when people hear the term “modular home”, they automatically think of a “manufactured home.” A modular home varies significantly from a manufactured, or a HUD code (a performance code) home. Modular homes have the same characteristics as site-built homes, except have more materials. Modular homes are built indoors, in controlled factory conditions and are moved to the permanent site. They are built, to the proper State code or IRC (International Residential Code).

They are inspected, on all construction phases. In Minnesota, site built homes may be not inspected, because of their construction location. The factory building concept, it is a greener way to build, with much less material waste. Materials usually cost less, because of factory quantities. Production costs per hour are less, because there is no drive time, tool setup, teardown, and NO weather issues. These factors result in equal or better quality, than traditional site built homes, for less costs (usually 15% or more) to the home buyer, resulting in a greater value. The greatest advantage is a fixed construction cost, for your home, when you place the order. Site builders typically guarantee the price for a limited time and add costs (many times 10-30% or more) than the bid price cost per square foot.

Unlike site building you have much better control on your project completion and move in time, eliminating many of the delays, caused by weather or your contractor working on multiple job sites, at the same time. There are many standard plans to choose from, or you may design you own floor plan, to fit your wants and needs, depending on the manufacturer chosen. You may order the home so you can finish the inside, or use your choice of siding materials, with some manufacturers.

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